Episode #36: Getting Outside: Figuratively & Literally -- Careers Beyond Higher Ed

Join us for updates on what your favorite @BreakDrink hosts have been up to in 2020 and then some for episode no. 36... new jobs, fishing waders, and US citizenship... OH MY!
On @BreakDrink episode no. 36, Jeff grills Laura about her new job and what it means to not be working in higher ed any more -- or the differences between interviewing and finding jobs outside the ivory tower. In other updates, Laura is American (officially), Jeff’s smart speakers don’t recognize his voice, Laura lives in WA state, Jeff’s been visiting all the TX state parks to fish, and we still love podcasts (of course) ... and recommend a few. We chat a bit about the differences between job search and acclimation from higher ed to industry, and then some. Take a listen as we meander about our own life, career goals, and dream places we’d like to live in the future. How’s 2020 going for y’all? What transitions or life changes are going through in the past few months? How’s it going?

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